our history

In the year 1905, Reverend Enoch White met with a small group of people and established a church and named it Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The church was located on Harper Street.


Allen Chapel AME Church made much progress under the leadership of Reverend White.  After Reverend White’s tenure at Allen Chapel, the church continued to progress under the leadership of Reverend G. J. Oats.  Reverend Oats saw the need to relocate the church to another location and moved it to Bismark Street.  The membership continued to grow.


In June 1923, the land was purchased to build the present building.  The Reverend S. H. Hunter, Reverend C. I. Roberts, Reverend A. L. Bennett and Reverend D. P. DuHart were sent to continue dedicated leadership.  The church was built by the year 1927.


Later, Reverend R. W. Williams was sent to Allen Chapel.  Under his leadership, the parsonage was built, and many other needed improvements implemented.  Under the leadership of Reverend K. D. White, Reverend A. R. Richardson, Reverend L. W. Tyler, Reverend A. R. Armstrong, Reverend Hawkins, Reverend E. Jones, and Reverend R. E. Lamb the church continued to grow.  In the years that followed, Reverend William Merritt, Reverend S. Andrews, Reverend J. C. Bannerman, Reverend A. D. Harris, Reverend J. W. Jones, Reverend B. J. Franklin, Reverend A. P. Postell and Reverend D. J. Mathis were sent to Allen Chapel.  Under their leadership, the dedicated work continued.


At the October 2009 Annual Conference, Bishop McKinley Young appointed another leader, the Reverend Leslie C. Washington.  Pastor Washington is also well-known as the “weeping preacher” and a man of faith who loves the Lord and the people of God.  Under his leadership membership has increased, the central air and heating, along with the air ducts have been installed, and lights installed outside the church.  He was instrumental in getting the State to clean the property across the street, which was blocking the church’s view.   Under his leadership, the exterior and interior of the church were painted, a new sign with the church’s name was installed, the property fenced in, reorganized the choir and purchased new robes, a new sound system installed, steeple and burglar bars were replaced, and Liturgical dressings were purchased.


Reverend Washington, also lead the congregation in building a new Fellowship Hall with two bathrooms and a kitchen, and adding three study rooms and a Pastor’s Office.  A Senior ministry was established under his leadership.